Office address:

Allca Way, ltd - United Fingercots
Jeremenkova 808/19
CZ-70300 Ostrava
Czech Republic


Business address:

Allca Way, s.r.o.
U Dulnaku 466/79
CZ-71600 Ostrava
Czech Republic


Email:   sale@
Tel:      (+420)  776 833 688
Fax:     (+420)  595 171 790

VAT:     CZ27833470



Established in 2007, Allca Way Co., LTD is a leading exporter of various basic Finger cots products, offers a full line of latex or nitrile.

We are dynamic and respond fast to our customers’ requirement. We work closely with our customers to identify their needs so that we can make improvement to our products or produce new products tailor to our customers’ specifications. We are customer oriented and maintain a human touch approach to our business operations.